MDDS means: Metall-Design-Dienstleistung- Service 



What are the assets of MDDS?

  • A good feeling for modeling
  • More than 20 years of professional experience in the sanitary sector
  • Many years of experience in the automotive industry as well as in the form-finding
  • Technical background
  • Tool construction and tooling experience
  • More than 200 modeled / constructed products which went into the tool mold 1:1 and are still produced today
  • 3d surfacing (3d Sketchmodeling, reverse engineering and Class A Strak)


From the begining


Founded by myself (Nikki Schwaiger) as a subsidiary occupation in 2008.

My professional career began with the training as a toolmaker specialized in mold making in 1990/91.

During this time and later as a professional toolmaker, I was a speedway driver (sand track) and could repair my motorbikes completely on my own, thanks to my apprenticeship and my father’s education. Even the engines were completely reconditioned and tuned by myself. As a result I developed an enormous insight into the mechanics of the car.


In 1995, I began to work in the sanitary sector. I startet off with the maintenance of machines and molds for plastic molding. It was a great opportunity to gain experience in welding constructions and in mechanical engineering, which is still useful to me until this day.


In 2001 I got the chance to exchange my workbench for an office desk and thus occupied the product development in the same company. In doing so my activities reached a more theoretical level constructing the new products on Solidworks in 3D. My knowledge as a toolmaker helped me to construct parts so that apart from their function they could be produced at a lower cost. I also took into account mold separation, slider, etc. for the design so that it wouldn’t get too complex. 

In 2004 I came into contact with the Alias Autostudio software. I liked the possibility of being in complete control of free-form surfaces from the very start.  However, I did not only have to learn how to use the software, I also had to learn the theory of mathematical surfaces.  I was no longer the “craftsman” but rather a CAS modeler, one who not only could produce good highlights but also the data which was completely tool-capable & process-optimized.


In 2008 inquiries about constructions, welding work and repair work piled up which motivated me to found a secondary business to carry out more manual work on weekends.

Over the years I have become a surfacing CAS modeler on the software Alias Surface.

At this time I was the only Alias modeler in my company which wasn’t challenging anymore. Therefore I decided to leave the sanitary industry to switch to the automotive industry.


In 2012 I started as an Alias modeler for the form-finding of a renowned Munich automobile manufacturer. On the one hand this enabled me to perfect my modeling abilities in the CAS and on the other hand I could acquire more knowledge in terms of automotive design. Amongst other things I was in charge of creating the final data (Strak/Class A) for the Mini Clubman from 2015.

Since my old employer was still in need of CAS work, the MDDS field changed from craft to surface modeling. 


In 2014 I acquired the license for Alias Surface to produce products as a freelancer for my former employer in addition to my job as an employer for automotive. My subsidiary occupation developed gradually from practical construction and mechanics into the CAD model direction. At the same time, I took on the role of head of studio and project leader for automotive projects. Since I had to coordinate projects and lead the modelers as well, I myself didn’t have much time for surface modeling anymore. My task field slowly moved away from the CAD. Fortunately, I was still able to model due to my subsidiary work. There I created the products supervising the complete production process from the development phase through the completion for a toolmaker model.


In 2017, I decided to carry out my secondary activities on a full-time basis. My work experience, the production of products and also the knowledge of Automotive in particular, is very useful in this case.